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Pursue passions

11 Military Productivity Hacks For Entrepreneurs

11 Military Productivity Hacks for Entrepreneurs How many times have you said “there aren’t enough hours in the day?” Frankly, I’d be surprised if I found out everyone hadn’t said ...
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Productivity - Side Hustle

Side Hustling And The Importance of Productivity

  Trying to juggle a business and full time job all at once? Productivity is key to maximising your time, energy and money. My pal Nic Woodhams is a man ...
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Find my purpose

Untamed Interview 5 – Purpose with Mark Boyns

Do you have a clear purpose? Are you striving towards a particular goal or mission? In this Untamed Interview, I discuss this topic of purpose with Founder and Co-Director of ...
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Transition Mentoring

Untamed Interview 4 – Plan The Perfect Military Transition with Neil Marshall

Neil Marshall spent 30+ years in the UK Army, ultimately leaving having reached the enviable rank of Major General. With a thought out plan in place, he then performed a ...
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Veteran Podcast

My Interview – The Veteran’s Network Podcast

I am a big fan of UK based Veteran's Network.  They go great work supporting vets during their transition into civi street and promote veteran owned businesses all over the ...
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Start Your Own Business

Mark Yegge Interviews Me

For Those Who Want A Better Idea As To What I Do… Join serial entrepreneur, investor and adventure enthusiast Mark Yegge and I around a campfire in North Carolina. In ...
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Living the dream

Untamed Interview 3 – Living the Dream with Mark Yegge

If anyone is living the dream, it's this guy! Musician, pilot, keynote speaker, investor, entrepreneur, world traveller, Dale Carnegie there anything my guest Mark Yegge can't do? Find out ...
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military leavers

Untamed Interview – Veteran Entrepreneur Nic Woodhams

British Army veteran, social entrepreneur and Rick Astley look-a-like Nic Woodhams talks me through the challenges and opportunities of applying military skills in civi street. We stroll through the Pentland ...
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Nomadic Entrepreneur

Welcome Video…Sort Of

How not to make a welcome video! ...
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Start a small business

Untamed Interview – Art Green

Join me as I chat to Arthur Green: entrepreneur, adventure-lover, athlete, celebrity and all round good bloke.  We chinwag whilst kayaking the waters of the Southern Pacific Ocean in New ...
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Jim's a boss…In less than two months I've learned exactly what kind of entrepreneur I am, how I want to contribute to others, who those people can be and am now just a step away from charging schools and personal clients for my speaking, courses, and coaching. 

He's taking someone from a career they call "the golden hand cuffs," with good pay and benefits, but bad for my health and showing me there is a way to stay and play and most importantly, to get out if I choose.

Mike Sehl

Firefighter and entrepreneur, Toronto, CA

Jim was a great asset to my real estate company with his mentoring and coaching sessions. He helped me identify my strengths and weaknesses as a leader, and gave great advice on how to capitalize on both of those and develop my business systems around them.
His greatest strength is his ability to connect with people on a deeper level and truly listen to their needs so that he can help you develop and grow.
I highly recommend him to anyone that needs guidance in fulfilling their life or business goals.

Thanks again!


Nick Spade

Real Estate Investor