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Hi, my name is Jim Hughes and I am the Untamed Entrepreneur.  I absolutely love travel and adventure, which is fortunate because I live a nomadic lifestyle with my partner Kim.  Her and I spend our days living in the world's most spectacular places, moving around as we see fit, on our own agenda.

My life is tailored around my passions, interests and strengths...and I love it!

What I love more than anything however, is helping people reach this same level of happiness and fulfillment through entrepreneurship: enabling you to live life how it should be lived -on your own terms, doing what you love: whatever that looks like.

The vehicle I use for this is 1-1 mentoring.  The clients I mentor come from a wide range of backgrounds, but all have one thing in common: a burning desire to turn their passions into income and add more value to the world. 

I have mentored all types from Retired Colonels and authors to real estate guru’s, engineering managers and business owners. 

Helping people change their lives and pursue their dreams, energizes and inspires me on a daily basis.

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Not Always So

I have a confession however…this ‘living life on my own terms’ thing, has not always been so.

Not so long ago I was a tired, demotivated and disillusioned employee.  The job that once challenged and raised me, had started to weigh me down.  I began arriving later, leaving earlier and caring less in between.

I was managing a $4 million a year engineering business through the biggest industry collapse in history, only three years after cleaning toilets on mine sites.  In many peoples eyes, I was doing well for myself.

I, on the other hand, had a different perspective.  Yes I had climbed the ranks and had somewhat proven myself as a manager of a small business but I was no longer passionate about what I did.  I had stopped looking forward to the next day and began to understand what others meant by the ‘Monday morning blues’.

I had seen others around me live in a state of -at best- apathy and -at worst- disdain, towards their jobs and told myself this would never be me. 

It was time for some drastic changes in my life.

Once I realized this, I devoted myself to discovering what my true passions were; how I could custom design my life around them; and most importantly, how they could earn me the money I wanted -no needed- to live a life of freedom, abundance and fun.

Younger Me

I spent my formative years in the North West of England, attending school and University in Chester and Liverpool respectively.  

Partly because of a lack of career ideas and partly because I was ready for some 'me time' after three years of studying upwards of 6 hours per week: I sought new, far flung pastures.

The place I chose for this new chapter?  The most untamed of all...Whistler in Canada.

Play Time

Adventure and business
It was here I first discovered the true meaning of living ones passions (for more details on this chapter, read my Ramble). Every day was an indulgence in adrenaline, adventure and partying, accompanied by a backdrop of epic scenery.

Five years, and much damage to my liver, bones and wallet later, I set off yet again, this time with a more ‘mature’ motive.  The destination was Australia where I went in search of some much needed 'proper work' experience, and to take life more seriously.

Work Time

The time spent in Perth, Western Australia were in stark contrast to hedonistic days of Whistler.  My focus here was my career: building up my experience and testing myself in the real world.

Through a curious sequence of events -which is a blog post all on its own- I went from cleaning toilets on mine sites to managing an engineering business that generated over $4m a year, within 3 years.

Despite the progression and its associated rewards however, I became acutely aware that I needed more from life.  I no longer looked forward to the next work day…something needed to change.

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The Perfect Blend

Once I realised change was needed I devoted myself to discovering what form the change should take.

Hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars in books, seminars, events, courses, mentoring and schmoozing later I figured it out...and here I am.  Living my dream of travelling the world and hopefully helping you find your purpose so you can pursue it like your life depends on it...after all, it does 🙂

Brief Bio

Top 5 Passions:How to combine adventure and business

  • Fun
  • Action / Adventure
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Helping others
  • Sport

Favourite Untamed Activities:

  • Skiing
  • Downhill Mountain Biking
  • Bungee Jumping
  • Skydiving
  • Scuba Diving

Most Untamed Activity Ever Attempted:Action and adventure

  • 35' cliff drop on ski's

Most Untamed Activity Never Attempted (but on the list):

  • Squirrel suit flying

Countries Visited:

  • 28 and counting

Favourite Place:

  • British Columbia, Canada

I’m a retired US Army Colonel, Paratrooper, Ranger and 3-time combat veteran.  Let me tell you Jim is one courageous, authentic dude!  Even at my ripe old ‘know-it-all’ age of 49, Jim helped me see things and commit to a lifestyle instead of a pay check and suit.  I live at the beach and am writing a book now.  Whether you desire to bungee jump off Macau Tower in China or just want to read more books and commit more time to family and friends, reach out to Jim.  He won’t disappoint...I would recommend him to anyone seeking an untamed life.

Rob Campbell

Retired Colonel - US Army