My Mission

I help people align themselves with their purpose, passions and potential through entrepreneurship, enabling them to lead happier, more fulfilled lives!

That's it.  No more complex than that.

Who Do I Work With?

Passionate people who want to start their own business, align themselves with what they love doing and add more value to world.

What Is The Outcome?

Your own business designed entirely around your strengths, passions & purpose, and a crystal clear understanding of how to leverage it to create an epic life!

How to combine adventure and business

How Do We Get There?

By walking with me down my unique 5 Step Path:






A Proven Strategy

This journey of self-discovery is one I personally undertook.

I very much took the long route as I aimed to transform myself from a dispassionate employee, confused about what path to take; to a purposeful entrepreneur, living the life of my dreams.

How do I quit my job and become self employed

The path I took was 18 months long, cost me a lot of money and more importantly consumed 1300 hours of my precious time (that's 56 full days!)

Luckily for you however, I painstakingly distilled this process into the 5, easy to follow, adaptable steps.  It is these steps that we work through during our one-on-one mentoring sessions.

What Next?

If you want to join me and my clients on the road to freedom, fulfilment and happiness through entrepreneurship, then fill out the contact form below and book in for your FREE CALL with me.

Please note, I only work with motivated people who want to make genuine changes in their life, not time wasters who just talk about it.

I look forward to working with you!

To learn from someone who has created and developed businesses from the start was invaluable. You spoke from actual experience and the examples you gave of marketing your own businesses provided me with highly practical strategies for marketing my own. In particular your advice about using social media  marketing opened up several new ways to get my message out. Many thanks.

I have had other business coaches in the past who have provided some help but they were never as friendly and accessible as you.  I always felt as though if I needed help you were available.  You checked up on how I was going and provided very positive and encouraging  coaching when I most needed it. I would highly recommend you to anyone who needs help in developing their business.

John Paterson

Science Buzz

After meeting with Jim I feel revitalized and now I know exactly what to do, there's no more guessing and hoping. I have doubled my google reviews in as little as 2 weeks, increased my online presence on google and have developed my niche market of targeting.

The last week was my most profitable week of business and now with more motivation then ever I have expanded my business and am employing another staff member. Before meeting Jim I lacked the confidence to take my business to the next level. The future now looks bright for my business which will allow me to live the lifestyle I want (part time work!). Instead of working in the business I'm now working on it! Thank you Jim!!! I will definitely be recommending you to everyone who wants to skip out on the 9-5 drag!

Jordan Powell

Principal Physiotherapist & Director @ Freedom Physiotherapy