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Hello and welcome to the Untamed Entrepreneur.  My mission is to help people align themselves with their Purpose, Passions and Potential through entrepreneurship, enabling them to lead happier, more fulfilled lives!

Essentially, if you are entrepreneurial and feel you are not living any of those three P's to the fullest, then I'm here to help.

I believe passionately in the importance of aligning your work with your identity in order to achieve true happiness and fulfillment and have created my business to do just that.  

What to Expect

Throughout these pages I will give you a glimpse into the business and life I created, how I designed them around my passions and strengths, and the path I took to make it all possible.

Blog's and Video

Through riveting blog posts and videos I take you through my journey from being a disillusioned employee out of love with his day job and out of touch with his passions, to a fully focused Untamed Entrepreneur with a crystal clear picture of my purpose in life and how to pursue it.

I also chat to others who have followed a similar path and try to debunk some common myths about what life should be like, and how it should be led, all with the end goal of providing you the tools that enable you to do the same.

Mentoring - The 5 Step Path

For those inspired by what they see on this site and wish to start their own business, designed around their 3 P's, I offer One-to-One Mentoring

Together we walk through a 5 Step Path that guides you from potential uncertainty and insecurity, to a state of clarity around the route you can take to build your own business.

I provide the very best tools, resources and actions that, through trial and error, cost me a lot of money and even more time to discover.   Most importantly I tailor my mentoring around your individual needs and commit to you, every step of the way.

Check out my Mentoring page for more information.

To learn from someone who has created and developed businesses from the start was invaluable. You spoke from actual experience and the examples you gave of marketing your own businesses provided me with highly practical strategies for marketing my own. In particular your advice about using social media  marketing opened up several new ways to get my message out. Many thanks.

I have had other business coaches in the past who have provided some help but they were never as friendly and accessible as you.  I always felt as though if I needed help you were available.  You checked up on how I was going and provided very positive and encouraging  coaching when I most needed it. I would highly recommend you to anyone who needs help in developing their business.

John Paterson

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